Sunday, December 25, 2011

HackerNews Plus

My third Chrome Extension and a small attempt to make HN a little more comfortable to browse for those who are a little more comfortable with keyboard shortcuts than mouse. Again, I do not have a chrome developer license so cannot put it up on Chrome Web Store.
The code on the other hand is available on:
If someone wants to fork it or wants to download, unpack, verify and use it; they are most welcome. I will continue to push to code to github so that those who use that way can continue utilizing the extension without much hassle. Here is the link to the extension:
PS: Will add Open Comments tomorrow afternoon - it is quite early in the morning here and I should sleep.

v0.1.0 [06:34 26/12/2011]
Keyboard shortcuts:
    1. k - Previous Story
    2. j - Next Story
    3. Home - First Story
    4. End - Last Story (or More)
    5. m - Open Story in Current Window
    6. n - Open Story in New Window
    7. Return - Open Story in Current Window
    8. Shift + Return - Open Story in New Window

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