Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chrome Extension: IIT Placements

Greasemonkey scripts don't work very well in Chrome and I wanted more than just a "not eligible" filter, so here it is:
(Links to the Extension) 

Oh yes, I don't have a Chrome Developer account, so cannot upload it on the WebStore - so you will have to trust me and ignore the warning.

There of course, will be more stuff updates coming in future.

v1.2.1 (Date: 19-11-11)
  1. [F] Hide Closed JAFs Button.
  1. [F] Better CSS for JAF View page
  1. [B] Hide Signed Button actually works.
  1. [F] Auto Hide Not Eligible JAFs
  2. [F] Option to Hide Signed JAFs
  3. [F] AutoUpdate Feature added - no more, manual updating and clearing cache and similar BS
  4. [B] Works on other versions of All JAFs page (After you sign, after you unsign)  
v1.0 Features
  1. Sorts JAFs on all parameters: (Best is the Sort on Sign Date)
  2. Changes the color scheme a little bit


  1. nice 1...a refreshingly cool luk...
    nw me 2 using tis :D

  2. Thanks for the plugin Mayank. Its nice.
    A suggestion: see if you can bring in the "place of posting" to the main page.

  3. Also, if possible pl add a "not interested" button, clicking on which the JAF will be pushed to the end of the table . It might need you to add another column there.

  4. Can you hand over the source to placement cell, so that it can be verified and put on the placement blog?

    If yes, do mail the source to

  5. Awesome! This needs to be publicised!