Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chrome Extension: IIT Placements

Greasemonkey scripts don't work very well in Chrome and I wanted more than just a "not eligible" filter, so here it is:
(Links to the Extension) 

Oh yes, I don't have a Chrome Developer account, so cannot upload it on the WebStore - so you will have to trust me and ignore the warning.

There of course, will be more stuff updates coming in future.

v1.2.1 (Date: 19-11-11)
  1. [F] Hide Closed JAFs Button.
  1. [F] Better CSS for JAF View page
  1. [B] Hide Signed Button actually works.
  1. [F] Auto Hide Not Eligible JAFs
  2. [F] Option to Hide Signed JAFs
  3. [F] AutoUpdate Feature added - no more, manual updating and clearing cache and similar BS
  4. [B] Works on other versions of All JAFs page (After you sign, after you unsign)  
v1.0 Features
  1. Sorts JAFs on all parameters: (Best is the Sort on Sign Date)
  2. Changes the color scheme a little bit