Sunday, August 28, 2011

HN Dynamics - I just do not understand!

I am really new at HN; it is an interesting source of information. I have grown to like the discussions even more than the actual links. Unfortunately while at technical topics, discussions are nearly always awesome and a good learning experience; open topics like this one suffer the same fate as most discussions on the internet: circular discussions and abuse of downvoting.

Circular discussions are in a way unavoidable and are often faced in out-of-the-screen debates as well. So there is not much we can do but constraint ourselves to repeat the same logic in a more verbose fashion and probably just refer to an earlier comment.

For the case of downvoting, I am pissed and confused. I am new, so probably I suffer from this even more because people don't trust my opinion; but I had hoped that in a learned circle when you disagree, you make your point clear. I am not a spammer, I try to be as logical and polite as I can; there of course are some biases - some cultural differences. And I expect explanations, if I am downvoted. Yes, I have checked FAQs; I don't think I am abusing the facility. So, I still don't understand when does the HN community downvote?

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