Wednesday, December 28, 2011

9GAG Repost

This extension takes the comments on a 9GAG post and counts the comments that have the word "repost" in it and the number of likes they have received. It then, shows this with number of comments and likes received. Hope this makes the experience better!
PS: Will update the post with github repo and other such details soon.

Download the extension here:
Alternative link, as suggested in a comment:

Alonso VegaDec 30, 2011 07:23 AM Click "View Raw"

The Story behind it:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

HackerNews Plus

My third Chrome Extension and a small attempt to make HN a little more comfortable to browse for those who are a little more comfortable with keyboard shortcuts than mouse. Again, I do not have a chrome developer license so cannot put it up on Chrome Web Store.
The code on the other hand is available on:
If someone wants to fork it or wants to download, unpack, verify and use it; they are most welcome. I will continue to push to code to github so that those who use that way can continue utilizing the extension without much hassle. Here is the link to the extension:
PS: Will add Open Comments tomorrow afternoon - it is quite early in the morning here and I should sleep.

v0.1.0 [06:34 26/12/2011]
Keyboard shortcuts:
    1. k - Previous Story
    2. j - Next Story
    3. Home - First Story
    4. End - Last Story (or More)
    5. m - Open Story in Current Window
    6. n - Open Story in New Window
    7. Return - Open Story in Current Window
    8. Shift + Return - Open Story in New Window

Friday, November 18, 2011

I am moving back

to Ubuntu 10.10. I give up. Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was a disappointment and so was Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot).

Not that I didn't like the new simpler desktop management tools they offered through Unity - It's just not stable. I cannot afford 2 days every fortnight to figure out how to make it work again. If it's a one time thing - I am proud enough to suck it up and do it. If it happens again and again - I am not sysad enough to handle it. And oh the other issues! It eats up about 40W all the time! My battery life drops to a quarter of what windows gives me. My productivity(in terms of time I spend working and not hobby-ishly trying to defend Ubuntu) drops by half.

I have spent enough time trying to defend Unity to my friends - I can't anymore. It's undefendable. It's so extremely buggy that I would consider popularizing it and making it a default only if I was actually working for, say, Microsoft. Sweet Lord! They removed proxy settings' Ignore-Proxy option! I also couldn't figure out a way to increase workspaces. Want more? Well, if you want to make some changes to how the Unity behaves - install Compiz-Settings-Manager. And when you do it - it will result in gnome being fubar.

Only good thing about it all: I am using Wubi, and I keep all my code - all my files, outside the Ubuntu installation. Best decision I have made in this respect. Now I can simply remove Ubuntu from Windows and move back to Ubuntu 10.10.

Probably I am not good enough for Ubuntu 11.10, say "Aye!" if you aren't as well.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chrome Extension: IIT Placements

Greasemonkey scripts don't work very well in Chrome and I wanted more than just a "not eligible" filter, so here it is:
(Links to the Extension) 

Oh yes, I don't have a Chrome Developer account, so cannot upload it on the WebStore - so you will have to trust me and ignore the warning.

There of course, will be more stuff updates coming in future.

v1.2.1 (Date: 19-11-11)
  1. [F] Hide Closed JAFs Button.
  1. [F] Better CSS for JAF View page
  1. [B] Hide Signed Button actually works.
  1. [F] Auto Hide Not Eligible JAFs
  2. [F] Option to Hide Signed JAFs
  3. [F] AutoUpdate Feature added - no more, manual updating and clearing cache and similar BS
  4. [B] Works on other versions of All JAFs page (After you sign, after you unsign)  
v1.0 Features
  1. Sorts JAFs on all parameters: (Best is the Sort on Sign Date)
  2. Changes the color scheme a little bit

Sunday, August 28, 2011

HN Dynamics - I just do not understand!

I am really new at HN; it is an interesting source of information. I have grown to like the discussions even more than the actual links. Unfortunately while at technical topics, discussions are nearly always awesome and a good learning experience; open topics like this one suffer the same fate as most discussions on the internet: circular discussions and abuse of downvoting.

Circular discussions are in a way unavoidable and are often faced in out-of-the-screen debates as well. So there is not much we can do but constraint ourselves to repeat the same logic in a more verbose fashion and probably just refer to an earlier comment.

For the case of downvoting, I am pissed and confused. I am new, so probably I suffer from this even more because people don't trust my opinion; but I had hoped that in a learned circle when you disagree, you make your point clear. I am not a spammer, I try to be as logical and polite as I can; there of course are some biases - some cultural differences. And I expect explanations, if I am downvoted. Yes, I have checked FAQs; I don't think I am abusing the facility. So, I still don't understand when does the HN community downvote?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Youtube, Why?

It feels so awesome to do something that I like after so many months!

So after  reading this thread about Youtube country based restrictions, I thought may be I should put on a night out to build it. It's my first chrome extension.

Unfortunately, I cannot release it on Chrome Web Store as it requires me to register as a developer and I don't have a Credit Card to pay for that registration. It's not so finished anyway.

  1. Works with Cosmic Panda. Didn't try on normal youtube.
  2. After installation, right click the icon and set the 2 character country code.
  3. Suggestions and search results on youtube that are of videos that are not accessible in your country are now marked in dark grey.
  4. If you load more suggestions, just click the icon again. It will retry everything.
Leave a comment.
Take shared ownership, if you want. Just add my name, will you? It's my first extension, and I am sort of loving it. Or may be I am just too sleepy.

- Mayank Singhal