Friday, September 3, 2010

TxtWeb - Intuit

TxtWeb - it's a new platform through which we(developers, designers, marketers) can communicate with end users, even those who don't have access to a computer or an advanced cellphone.

The idea is simple: TxtWeb takes data from your site and texts it to the users; and how does it know what data to pick? That's based on what users send to TxtWeb servers through an SMS. There are no special charges for the request. This is not a SMS-YourName-to-know-the-first-letter-of-your-love-for-free* (* Rs.3 per SMS) service. And it has infinite potential, as far as my understanding goes.

So, I am participating in this competition where we have to make innovative applications. You can check them at the TxtWeb website.

The number you need to send SMS to, is +91 92433 42000. It's a Bangalore number, so most of us will be charged for an STD SMS. But believe me, some of the application that they have developed are so awesome that you won't mind paying the nominal costs. Also they have an emulator if you just want to test an app online.

So, do register on the site, try some apps, rate them, put reviews and suggestions and help developers to improve their applications!

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