Monday, January 18, 2010

The Lighnas Virus

I hate computer viruses. They slow your comp down, eat up hard disk, show random messages or just make your desktop unresponsive.

The Lighnas Virus spreads due to human interaction and notorious nature. If you had fallen for this virus, you will make others fall for it too... The argument is like I rag because I was ragged.

So here is how it works:
0) Find a friend with a sense of humour and a computer; wait for him/her to leave the room.
1) Minimize all windows
2) Minimize sidebars too
3) Take a print screen
4) Save it using MS Paint, Photoshop or anything else
5) Set it as desktop wallpaper
6) Right Click on Desktop, Go to View and uncheck "Show Desktop Icons"
7) Sit back and enjoy.

Example of such a screenshot

Where to disable icons from...

I already have 2 people who fell for the trick. One moved back to Ubuntu, the second restarted his comp - ran a full computer virus scan - shouted "AVG sucks" and more. If you have any stories or tips... please comment!