Thursday, December 3, 2009

Google Search with Text Commands

What it does?

Gives you an option to search images, videos, youtube and wikipedia right from google homepage WITHOUT any additional clicks

Format of various queries:

Search Type
Destination Domain
Normal Search
Image Search
;i Hello
Video Search
;v Hello
Youtube Search
;y Hello
Wikipedia Search
;w Hello

How does it work?

It redirects the page to mentioned locations after appending queries if the query text is preceded by ;i or ;v or ;w or ;y

How to Install it?

Step 0: Install Greasemonkey (It's a Firefox Addon)
Step 1: Install My Script

I hope it will help. If you think there are more options that are needed for faster searches, do leave a message.

Search Tip

Well, we all search for definitions now and then. What we do is we go to or wikipedia or i-am-too-lazy-to-list-them-all.
Easy way:
Google this 

P.S.: Greasemonkey is awesome

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