Friday, September 18, 2009

'Select All' for Facebook

What does this script do?

Whenever you want to suggest a page to your friends, you have to click them one by one. This script will add a "Click Them" button at the end of the dialog box. You can also select the range of friends to select but that's optional.

Known Issues

  • Requires a page refresh if the script is already used once.



Requires GreaseMonkey Firefox Addon
Install It from here

Last Update:
September 9, 2010. Status: Working.


  1. Unethical script, considering that the nice thing to do on being shown that page is to click on Cancel.

    It would have been more more philanthropic had you made a script that bypasses that page :P

  2. I'm amazed this hasn't had more attention given the number of people moaning about the absence of a "Select All" button.

    But when I clicked "Send Invitations" there was no confirmation message. Is this normal?

  3. I dont think so.
    Actually, the confirmation message appears and then i parse it to show the Option.

    If you could send me the error Log (Tools->Error Console)
    it would be great, may be there is some error.

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  5. Do you want the bad news or the bad news?

    It doesn't work. Nothing is sent and no confirmation message appears. When clicking "Select All" or "Send Invitations" no new errors appear.

    FYI I am using Firefox on a Mac and trying to send invitations from my Facebook Page.

  6. That is just weird
    I ll try to check it on a mac and ll get back to you asap :)

  7. I just tried it, It was working :)
    It might be the case that it doesnt work on all browser versions, I ll try to make it full proof :)

  8. This scrip select all, yes, but after when i sent invitation facebook dont show the message

    great script ;)

  9. Same thing happening here, selects all friends but facebook doesn't actually send the invite, maybe you can modify it so it selects only 100 friends per time and it'll work hopefully!!!

  10. I have changed the script.
    * Now it does send the invitations.
    * Also you can choose a range of friends to select from.

  11. Great script! Now need the same thing to be able to select all friends from the "Create New List" pop-up from the "Friends" page. Thanks in advance!

  12. hmm... it is not showing up for me - its just like normal...

  13. i tried but i can't select all friends (4500) firefox get stuck then. i tried the javascript code too that also the same.

    Earlier i could select all 4500 friends but not now
    please help me out.

  14. it looks like it stucks, but more likely, you just have to wait. anyway, it works nice and seems faster, if selecting 500 friends at a time.

  15. Dont know if Its just me doing something wrong/forgetting to do something, altho I dont really think that this is the case but It does not want to select anyone at all, no matter how many or few I choose to select

  16. Yeah I have the same problem too. I try to use the script and insert it directly in the browser but it doesn't work either.

  17. I have done some bug fixes. It should work now...

    And sorry for this long delay. Been busy with other things :)

  18. hi, actuallu it can't be downloaded now, the info is: 500 Internal Server Error

    is it the problem of whole site? thanks for the info:)

  19. That's an issue with Userscript servers I guess. I hope they will handle it soon!

  20. I try to use in on firefox and it doesnt work. The full select friend box doesnt even appear, its cut short at the beginning of "Add A Personal Message", so I cant even get down to the bottom where it says, send invitation

  21. I am completely ignorant of these scripts. I've never used anything like this. I've read a bunch of the various links for this, but still don't see what I need to do. I'm sure I'll hear a collective groan when I post this, but can you please explain how this works?

    I've installed GreaseMonkey and restarted Firefox. I opened Facebook and tried to suggest a page to friends and the window was just the same as usual. There was no select all button.

    Can you please tell me in laymen's terms what I need to do to make this work?

    Thank you! :-)

    Blissfully Ignorant

  22. can u make a script that can do this" in pepole you may know it sends all the people add as friend request at once" .. can you do this???

  23. Hi !
    Thanks for this great script, I use it since your first release...

    But now your script needs an update, because facebook just changed their "select friends" interface.

    I'm counting on you dude !

  24. It used to work great but NOT working any more. please fix it.

    Facebook has changed its logic.