Friday, September 18, 2009

'Select All' for Facebook

What does this script do?

Whenever you want to suggest a page to your friends, you have to click them one by one. This script will add a "Click Them" button at the end of the dialog box. You can also select the range of friends to select but that's optional.

Known Issues

  • Requires a page refresh if the script is already used once.



Requires GreaseMonkey Firefox Addon
Install It from here

Last Update:
September 9, 2010. Status: Working.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

GMail Left Aligned Chat Boxes

Long Name Na!
That's because this script is for a very specific purpose:
Left Aligned Chat Boxes
Thanks to Ishan Srivastav for the idea... There was no google labs feature so i wrote a simple greasemonkey script.

To install it: VISIT THIS URL

Monday, September 7, 2009

NoClick Greasemonkey Script

I just tweeked the original script because it was not working on FF3.5
I thought of making changes in the original script that's here but i couldnot find the link to upload it
so I made a new page for it... There is a one click installer on that page.
What is it supposed to do?
Nothing much! It just Automatically clicks the link if you hover on it for a long time...

What might suck?
  1. So the thing is that i removed the onclick functionality so as to make it work...
  2. + What if there are large images/links.... this will redirect you page if you forget to move your mouse away...
  3. The link color changes to blue.... if the background is blue, link will no longer be visible.
What can you do?
Keep changing it to make it appropriate for your speeds...
The change can be done on line number 19
colortimer = setTimeout(fade, 200, elem);
Increase speed by decreasing that number (200)
Decrease speed by increasing that number

BTW I have also hosted it on my homepages...

Thanks :P