Monday, May 4, 2009


So many IITians suddenly joined twitter... I am not sure whether it's the boredom of summer holidays or awesomeness of Twitter. But whatever be the case, it's good for information interchange. If you are not on twitter, join it. Believe me, it's good.
The best way to use twitter is to tell people what are you up to... surfing web pages, reading books, just chilling with friends or learning awesome stuff from this blog(oops!) you must tweet about it! (The last one's good for me)
Now thinking from a web master's point of view, we all would be really happy if someone tweets about our page/data. But we can't expect a reader to open a new tab and type in "twitter"... then press "Ctrl-Enter" and then type in your URL and then update his/her status. Yeah! they are lazy!
So what we do is... we add a little button on our blogs/webpages:

here is the code:

<a expr:href='&quot; is Reading &quot; + data:post.title + &quot; @ &quot; + data:post.url' style='float:right; padding-right:40px' target="_new" title='Tweet it on Twitter'><img src=''/></a>

Will give this result:

On clicking the link it will take you to your twitter page with appropriate status... :)
Aah I forgot to add something very important... The data:post.title and data:post.url will not get parsed in pst. Just like in this case. Actually u have to add this button in the actual template.
Go to Dashboard >> Layout >> Edit HTML >>Expanded Widget View
and Find an appropriate place inside post area... :)

P.S: Bird Image's from Smashing Magazine + The Image's a PNG and so IE6 sucks!

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