Monday, May 25, 2009

ROT13 Bookmarklet for

Javascript bookmarklets is a very useful technique.
I have used them a lot while playing tribal wars. The basic rule is typing "Javascript:WHATEVER_FUCTION_YOU_WANT_TO_EXECUTE" in address bar executes the fucntion.
adding void(0) at the end of the function calls prevents redirection to a new page (containing nothing but the return value of the last function).

So here we go, the following link has a js that will rotate the text inside the comment textbox (textarea to be precise).

--: ROT13 :--

Bookmark it... (Easiest way: Drag drop the above hyperlink to your bookmarks toolbar)
Update: I was informed that there is a bug in the code.... it rotates an endline character to %a
So, here is the updated code for ROT 13

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