Friday, May 15, 2009


Jquery UI is a very beautiful package. And PHP is of obviously very powerful.
One can do real magic using them together.
I made here is very basic (just like the other stuff I have done before).

The Remake Image Puzzle

From a image hosted somewhere on net and a few parameters it creates a puzzle.
The best part is... One can drag drop the boxes to solve them.
Although it's crackable, one can make it perfect by using PHP GD.

The option's not available on these free servers and hence I couldn't.

The working?
Takes an Image
Makes floating <li> elements with that image as background
Use PHP to randomize their order and then the background position.
Use Jquery UI's sortable feature on the <ul>

[Demo] [Download Source Code] <-- It feels good, posting stuff like this. :D

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