Wednesday, May 27, 2009

gStat - Javascript

We all use gmail and google chat. And we all love to tell people what we are doing.
Now a days, one of the common thing you will notice is that status messages are now a very improtant medium to lure people to talk to you or visit a link or just tease them.
But there is one really irritating thing about google chat's status messages. It's very difficult to format them.
So I thought may be this will help:

It's not very user friendly, but something is always better than nothing. ;)

PS: It's not perfect yet. So the end code might require a slight nudging: removing a whitespace from here or adding one

1 comment:

  1. nice post
    kewl script
    BTW, your blog has great design
    i like the top area where you managed to put lot of stuff

    ~$udhi :)
    PS: you might want to save some screen space up there, you can try placing the paper-chits(links) on coffee cup, behind iphone, etc