Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Building Back...

OK! So I just recovered my machine. It sucks...!
Bringing my lappy back to the previous condition will take weeks... Between I'll name some softwares that I used and I hate not to have them on my machine right now...

1) Firefox!
Partially because IE sucks
Partially because of the add-ons on FireFox

2) VLC
400% volume, low RAM usage. VLC rocks! I don't know why some people keep using Window's Media Player for videos...(especially the girls). For music, I would suggest Media Player over iTunes (But, I haven't used iTunes a lot so... :) )

3) Notepad++
Just awesome. Light and very useful. With all the highlighting for CSS, Javascript, HTML, XML, PHP and even C++, Java etc., NP++'s an awesome development tool for those who like to stick with the basics. (I miss Gedit... People said Eclipse is awesome... I donno... but autocomplete, sounds friendly)

4) Firebug and XMarks
Foxmarks is now Xmarks! Install it on FF and IE.
Firebug... If you dont know about this little awesome thing, I have just 1 word for you: n00b! :P
BTW, check out Firebug Lite! It's a JS that makes a temporary firebug even in Safari and IE.

5) Photoshop
Do I need to write anything??

6) Dreamweaver
I dont use design view anymore, still the file listings... Drag-and-point linking(I am not sure that's the right term) and autocomplete are really very helpful.

7)XAMPP & Filezilla
For all the PHP and Ajax in your comp, xampp is compulsory.
+ Filezilla for uploading them to homepages and other servers.

8) Auslogics Disc Defrag

Colorful and I never had a problem with this one.

This is good only if you dont want a heavier and much costlier Acrobat Professional.

10) Inkscape
Inkscape's not compulsory but it has a very easy but beautiful tool: The calligraphy tool + People say that it's a strong competition to Illustrator. I just found this example.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment :)